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Posture Board

Posture Board

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  • Powerful posture alignment tool!
  • Relieves tension in many muscles!
  • Align your joints!
  • Ideal for all ages!
  • 5 adjustable positions!

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1. Place the board up against a wall

2. Start with the lowest setting (you can raise it the more you use the board)

3. Straddle the Posture Board

4. Slowly step on the board

5. Keep your feet fist distance apart, slightly pigeon toed

6. Keep your heels, back, hips, and upper back against the wall

7. Keep your head in a relaxed neutral position looking straight

8. Stand on the board for 5-10 minutes per day


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  • Just 5 Minutes a Day!

    By simply standing on the Posture Board with your head, shoulders, hips, and feet touching a wall for 5-10 minutes, daily, the power of gravity together with the Posture Board, can balance and align your body from head to heel, and symmetrically, from side to side. It can promote anatomical alignment, which can alleviate the pain associated with conditions such as:

    • Limited ankle dorsiflexion
    • Foot Supination & Pronation
    • Tailor’s Bunion
    • Femur Rotation (in or out)
    • Anterior & Posterior Pelvic Tilt
    • Spine Curvature
    • Scoliosis, and Levoscoliosis
    • Forward head posture (FHP)
  • posture board
  • 5 Adjustable Angles

  • Easy Carry Handle

  • Grip Tape Keeps You in Place

  • Rubber Feet to Keep the Board Secure

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Tina Pihl Fossing
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes

    Posture Board

    Diane Zivney
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Amazing results

    Added the board to other posture exercises by Posture Guy Mike!! Fast, noticeable improvement in my posture, breathing and confidence!!!! Thank you Posture Guy Mike!! 🤗♥️

    E M
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Great tool for posture improvement!

    Love this posture board. It takes a few times to get used to keeping four points touching the wall. Beginning to see results... Would be helpful to have access to exercises or instructions on how to use for best results when shipped.

    Yale Swatzell

    This item will help aid me with my posture problems. Am taking it slow

    Lee Harrison
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Professional grade equipment

    This slant board is well made, heavy and big enough to be stable and feel safe. I use it for posture improvement and to stretch out my Achilles tendons. I'm very happy with my purchase.