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Posture Board

Posture Board

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  • Powerful posture alignment tool!
  • Relieves tension in many muscles!
  • Align your joints!
  • Ideal for all ages!
  • 5 adjustable positions!

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1. Place the board up against a wall

2. Start with the lowest setting (you can raise it the more you use the board)

3. Straddle the Posture Board

4. Slowly step on the board

5. Keep your feet fist distance apart, slightly pigeon toed

6. Keep your heels, back, hips, and upper back against the wall

7. Keep your head in a relaxed neutral position looking straight

8. Stand on the board for 5-10 minutes per day


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  • Just 5 Minutes a Day!

    By simply standing on the Posture Board with your head, shoulders, hips, and feet touching a wall for 5-10 minutes, daily, the power of gravity together with the Posture Board, can balance and align your body from head to heel, and symmetrically, from side to side. It can promote anatomical alignment, which can alleviate the pain associated with conditions such as:

    • Limited ankle dorsiflexion
    • Foot Supination & Pronation
    • Tailor’s Bunion
    • Femur Rotation (in or out)
    • Anterior & Posterior Pelvic Tilt
    • Spine Curvature
    • Scoliosis, and Levoscoliosis
    • Forward head posture (FHP)
  • posture board
  • Gravity Helps

    Let gravity realign your neck position

  • Tension

    Removes tension in your back and neck muscles

  • Stand on the Board

    This will align your entire body

  • Fix Forward Head

    This position makes your head a 40LB bowling ball

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Natalie Schreiter
    Gender: Female

    I would have loved some directions with the posture board, so it’s still in the box for now

    Caty Keanin
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Glad I purchased!

    Improved my upper body posture very quickly! Very impressive results. Also well made.

    Trumball Stickney
    Gender: Male
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Sturdy and Useful

    I have had the Posture Board for a couple of weeks, so it is still early days. Nevertheless, I have found it to be quite a useful piece of equipment. I have tried a few different exercises and was surprised by mow effective it is.

    Teri Dartenay
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    I love my posture board!!!

    I love everything about my posture board! It is well constructed, sturdy, compact and easy to unfold.

    S Woods
    Gender: Female
    Helpful: Yes
    Recommend: Yes
    Posture Board

    The posture board is fantastic! It stretches your calves so effectively. I’m on the lowest setting. It has the ability to do harder slants. High quality wood and workmanship. It is made to be strong. I look forward to increasing the time and level of stretching as time goes by.,