What Is A Posture Board and how to Use It

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The Posture Board is a simple but fantastic tool that uses gravity and a wall to create a bilaterally symmetrical demand on the body. By standing on the posture board, your feet are put into a slanted position. This slanted foot positioning causes the Achilles tendon and calf muscles (gastrocnemius) to be effectively stretched, sending an automatic reaction upwards through the body that reaches and rotates the femurs into an optimally aligned neutral position. Once the left and right femurs become aligned, you can experience major postural changes. As we all know, our bodies and each of their parts are interdependent on one another; consequently, once alignment is adjusted, the positive impact can be felt in the reduction of pain associated with elbow, wrist & shoulder imbalances. Further benefits of using the Posture Board include adjustments in forward head posture, Kyphosis, hunchback, and rounded shoulders all caused by pelvic and thoracic spine imbalances.

  • Nearly 50% of Americans have neck pain
  • The source of neck pain for many people comes from tilting your neck down to look at your phone

"The Posture Board is a simple yet tremendously effective tool to optimize and maintain physical alignment."

What are the benefits of using a Posture Board?

The benefits of using the Posture Board can be far-reaching. By simply using the Posture Board with your back against the wall, extending your mid-back (thoracic spine), and properly positioning your shoulders, you can remove the tension from your upper back and neck muscles, improve your breathing, and inevitably realign your internal organs to their optimal functional capacity. Using the Posture Board can help with Scoliosis. By using gravity and a wall, you can restore symmetry and balance by sending a reaction up your entire body, de-rotating and aligning your spine more vertically from front to back. This is key to Scoliosis since Scoliosis has a rotational component.


  • Place the board up against a wall
  • Start with the lowest setting (you can raise it the more you use the board)
  • Straddle the Posture Board
  • Slowly step on the board
  • Keep your feet fist distance apart, slightly pigeon toed
  • Keep your heels, back, hips, and upper back against the wall
  • Keep your head in a relaxed neutral position looking straight
  • Stand on the board for 5-6 minutes, 1-2 times per day
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