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what is a posture block

Posture Blocks are excellent tools for correcting postural imbalances that may have caused or can lead to bodily pain. Not only can Posture Blocks promote proper alignment, but when used consistently and correctly can increase strength, improve stamina/breath control, and assist in overall athletic performance and quality of life. 

  • Postural Imbalances occur when groups of muscles or opposite muscles do not work together
  • Lymphatic drainage helps to relieve swelling in your muscles and tissue

Table Of Contents 

  • How to use a Posture Block video
  • How will the Posture Block help me
  • Exercises to do with the Posture Block
  • How will I feel after using the Posture Block

The simple exercise of squeezing a Posture Block can stretch your glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles while activating your core and pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, by squeezing the Posture Block, the groins' lymph nodes become activated, stimulating lymphatic drainage in the body and promoting optimum blood and lymphatic fluid flow. The Posture Block can be used for standing, sitting, kneeling, and lying down exercise positions with the ultimate goal of bringing symmetry and balance to the body through lengthening, flexing, strengthening, and realigning the spine and skeletal joints.

Watch the exercise videos below

By exerting pressure on a Posture Block, between your knees, your inner thigh muscles (hip adductors) produce hip rotation that activates your psoas muscles (the deep muscles extending from the sides of the spine to the femur), helping to unlock the sacrum, lengthen the spine, and improve stability in the hips and pelvis.

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