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Posture Guy Mike

Posturetainment Bundle

Posturetainment Bundle

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Posture Glasses (Style)


  • Includes soft carry bag
  • Use the Posture Glasses for watching TV, reading a book, or using your phone
  • Great for seated or lying positions
  • Can be worn on top of prescription glasses
  • Helps get rid of Kyphosis
  • No more pesky Tech Neck


Using posture glasses will help improve posture and restore proper neck position. This will ultimately decrease the stress demand on the eye muscles.

We are a product of our environment building dysfunction in our bodies, whether it be from driving, laying down watching TV or sitting at your desk all day. These habits will create a rounding of the upper back placing the head in a forward tilted position called Kyphosis. 

The posture glasses will allow you to watch your favorite shows while your spine is in a straight neutral position alleviating any back or neck pain Ultimately restoring the correct “s”curvature in the spine. 

When using the glasses and factoring in time your cervical spine position will restore back to proper alignment ears over shoulders.

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Lie Down and Feel the Difference!

Posture Glasses are an excellent device that, when worn while lying down in bed or sitting up it provides the user with the opportunity to read or view a screen with optimum posture placement over an extended period.

  • Watching TV

  • Reading a Book

  • See at a 90° angle

  • Use Your Cellphone

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Posture Glasses

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these work with prescription glasses?

Yes, the Posture Glasses will fit over your prescription glasses.

How long can I wear them for?

You can wear the Posture Glasses for as long as you like. There are zero side affects to wearing them for long periods of time.

Are the glasses heavy?

The Posture Glasses weigh 3oz, you can compare this to your standard prescription glasses which weigh 1oz.

Can you wear these in an MRI?

Yes, but first check with the MRI technician. There are metal screws in the glasses but it is not magnetic.

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