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Posture Toes

Posture Toes

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  • Sold as a set 
  • Helps to correct Bunions and restore toe alignment
  • Gentle correction, using toe separators is pain free
  • Recommended by Podiatrist for men and women
  • Made from silicone that stretches just enough to easily fit over your toes
  • Can be worn over the Posture Socks, inside shoes, under standard socks, and walking around the house
  • 3 sizes available
  • Small:
    • Women Shoe Size: 5-9 / Men Shoe Size: 6-7
  • Medium
    • Women Shoe Size: 9-12.5 / Men Shoe Size: 7-11
  • Large
    • Women Shoe Size: 13+ / Men Shoe Size: 11.5+


Use Posture Toe Separators to correct Bunions and restore proper toe alignment improving overall foot function!

Problem- Modern Shoes

Most modern shoes are based on fashion rather than function. The poor design puts your toes in a unnatural and compromising position causing foot deformation leading to bunions and a number of other foot issues. This can have an direct impact on the way that you walk, run and stand.

Solution- Posture Toe Separators

When using the Posture Toe Separators this will restore your toes back to their anatomical design/natural shape!


When starting with the Posture Toe Separators initially this can feel uncomfortable due to the intense stretch from years of damage caused by restrictive shoes but overtime you will see and feel major improvements in your toes. Use pain as your guide, stop immediately if you feel pain!


You can wear the Posture Toe Separators barefoot around the house or with our Posture Socks for additional comfort.

Complete your posture kit with the Posture Board.

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  1. Put on the Posture Toes
  2. They can be worn over the Posture socks, under regular socks or inside shoes
  3. Wear them for 10 minutes - overnight. If you feel pain, take them off immediately. If you do not feel pain keep them on as long as possible
  4. Each day try to wear them for longer periods of time
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Get the Fix While You Relax

The spreading apart “splaying” of your toes is crucial for providing fundamental anatomical optimization of your weight bearing feet. They are, after all, the foundation on which your skeletal posture and function depends. 

  • Relax, Posture Toes Will Do the Work

  • Easy to Slide On

  • See the Difference

  • Wear Them Over Posture Socks

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Anne Lee
Gender: Female
Helpful: Yes
Recommend: Yes

They work great…, My toes are always gripping my shoes while standing or walking… I can feel my toes relaxing…no more claw feeling or look!!! Thank you!!!

Donna Robbins
Gender: Female
Recommend: Yes
Takes practice

it was kind of hard getting them on the first time. gets easier as you do it. too early to tell if they help.

Diane Zivney
Gender: Female
Helpful: Yes
Recommend: Yes
I can now wear various show without pinching my toes!!!

Comfy and stays in place when wearing with shoes!! No more toe overlap and pain!! Thank you, Posture Guy Mike, you are a life changer!!

Gender: Female
Helpful: Yes
Recommend: Yes
Great support!

My toe separators make it possible to walk without toe pain from Morton's Neuroma. The whith separators fit in my shoes!!!

Peggy Waldron
Gender: Female
Helpful: No
Recommend: No
Toe Aligner

I can’t get them on and I want to so badly😔I have the white ones. I’m open to all suggestions