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Posture Glasses are an excellent device that, when worn while lying on a mat, with legs positioned at a 90-degree angle over a foam cube, chair, bench, or in bed it provides the user with the opportunity to read or view a screen with optimum posture placement over an extended period.

  • Using more than one pillow can strain your neck, and shoulders
  • Use gravity to naturally position your spine and joints

Table Of Contents 

  • What are Posture Glasses
  • How will Posture Glasses help me
  • Buy Posture Glasses

What are Posture Glasses

Posture Glasses allow you to keep your head flat on the ground, with your face positioned toward the ceiling, while enabling the user to read, view a device, or watch TV. This ability to maximize the time spent while in a static position ensures that the user will sustain the correct alignment over time for optimum results.

How will Posture Glasses Help Me

If you don’t already know, an excellent and straightforward way to improve posture and alleviate back and hip pain is by using the power of gravity.
Lying flat, with your back parallel to the ground, and your legs forming two 90-degree angles draped in a V formation (right and left thighs, knees, and feet facing away from each other) while positioned over a block, chair, or bench, is a simple yet effective, static position that allows your spine and joints to align while using gravity for optimum placement.
This static position, when sustained and repeated over time, can alleviate joint stress, reestablish proper alignment, and reinforce muscle and joint memory.

It seems simple, yet most people become bored and restless while remaining in a static position over time. This is when Posture Glasses come into play!

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