Posture Toes: Get out of pain and align your toes

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Those mini appendages dangling at the end of your weight-bearing feet possess the power to make or break your day, month, year, and, possibly, lifetime! That’s right, your toes are instrumental in the anatomical alignment and structural stability of your body. They are part of the foundation of good posture and optimum daily function. Just think about it, your relatively small feet, in proportion to the rest of your body, are responsible for bearing the weight of your entire body, and not just in a stationary position, but in constant motion. That’s quite the task when you calculate that the average 150-pound person’s feet, each has to support 75 pounds of weight, hour after hour, day after day for life.

"In order to accomplish this responsibility with ease, comfort, and mobility, a person’s body weight must be evenly distributed on each foot, and since the toes serve to assist in the optimum anatomical placement of the body’s weight, as well as provide essential balance and seamless mobility, it is necessary for the toes to be spread apart."

What are Posture Toes:

  • Almost 75% of adults in America have problems with their feet
  • Your feet can be the root cause of problems from muscle pain to organ function

This is where Posture Toes come in! A simple, yet effective solution that not only provides comfort but facilitates the proper placement and function of your toes. The spreading apart “splaying” of your toes is crucial for providing fundamental anatomical optimization of your weight bearing feet. They are, after all, the foundation on which your skeletal posture and function depends. 

Due to the confinement of shoes, the onset of injuries, and a multitude of other factors, many people have toes that are overlapping and/or less than optimally splayed; consequently, they lack anatomical correctness and are far from being effective in providing overall quality of life and stride. Toe displacement can not only cause foot problems, but the lack of proper weight distribution affects the knees, hips, back, and eventual unbalanced compensation of the entire muscular and skeletal interconnected system.

Posture Toes is a simple, yet functional device that has the potential to correct dysfunction and prevent conditions that occur when body weight is not distributed properly across the pads of the feet and the stride of the walk. This toe-spacing aid is designed to be worn in shoes during weight-bearing activities, such as running, walking, hiking, and standing. 

How will Posture Toes help me?

Posture Toes has been shown to assist in the correction and prevention of bunions, tailor’s bunions, corns, hammer toes, ingrown toenails, heel pain, plantar fasciosis, neuromas, capsulitis, lower leg pain, and runner’s knee.

It is possible to readjust the toes, and consequently, redistribute body weight evenly across the feet. This small, but crucial adjustment, can prevent pain and its associated medications and potential surgeries. Once you understand the importance of keeping your toes fully separated by implementing the use of Posture Toes to maintain separation, the results can be remarkable.

posture toes before and after

Other benefits of Posture Toes:

  1. Posture Toes can benefit athletes by helping the toes return to their fundamental anatomical design that may be altered by conventional athletic footwear. 
  2. Posture Toes can also improve the strength and flexibility of your toes while decreasing the likelihood of developing knee and other types of lower extremity osteoarthritis.
  3. Posture Toes with its ability to improve balance is especially useful for Parkinson’s patients and the elderly.


The active model is one size fits all.

The white standard Posture Toes sizing is below.

Unlike many other foot products, the Posture Toes size you require does not depend on your shoe size. Instead, the Posture Toes size best suited for your individual toes depends on the width of your feet, the width of your individual toes, and the degree to which your toes are already splayed, or spread. Your Correct Toes toe-spacing appliance should not "bunch" between your toes—this would be a sign that your Posture Toes toe spacers are too large. Your toe spacers should not pinch your toes, either. Toe spacers that pinch your toes are too small. Correct Toes can be further customized for a wide variety of feet.

  • Small: Women Shoe Size: 5-9 / Men Shoe Size: 6-7
  • Medium: Women Shoe Size: 9-12.5 / Men Shoe Size: 7-11
  • Large: Women Shoe Size: 13+ / Men Shoe Size: 11.5+


  • Put on the Posture Toes
  • Posture Toes can be worn over the Posture socks, under regular socks or inside shoes
  • Wear the Posture Toes for 10 minutes - overnight. If you feel pain, take them off immediately. If you do not feel pain keep them on as long as possible
  • Each day try to wear the Posture Toes for longer periods of time