Toe Alignment Socks Description

  • Helps to correct Bunions and restore toe alignment
  • Helps alleviate pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toes, Corns, Calluses, Blisters, Foot Pain, and more
  • Gentle correction, using toe alignment socks is pain free
  • Recommended by Podiatrist for men and women
  • Creates even weight distribution, necessary for proper posture & stability
  • Complete the kit with Posture Toes

Use Toe Alignment socks to correct Bunions and restore proper toe alignment improving overall foot function!

Problem- Modern Shoes

Most modern shoes are based on fashion rather than function. The poor design puts your toes in a unnatural and compromising position causing foot deformation leading to bunions and a number of other foot issues. This can have an direct impact on the way that you walk, run and stand.

Solution- Toe Alignment Socks

When using the Toe Alignment Socks this will restore your toes back to their anatomical design/natural shape!


When starting with the Toe Alignment Socks initially this can feel uncomfortable due to the intense stretch from years of damage caused by restrictive shoes but overtime you will see and feel major improvements in your toes. Use pain as your guide, stop immediately if you feel pain!