Posture Therapist Begs People: "pay attention to this one thing!"

Posture Therapist Begs People:

"pay attention to this one thing!"

Fix Your Posture and Look Better

Visible Change in Just 30 Days!

How The Posture Membership Works

Posture Analysis

You will send me your photos so I can grid them out to identify your posture problems and provide you with recommended programs through the app.

Posture Membership

You'll enjoy complete access to the posture app, where you can participate in live classes, connect with the private community, and expand your knowledge on posture with additional educational resources.

Posture and Pain Programs

Customized programs incorporating gentle exercises and progression aimed to fix your posture without causing more discomfort.

Live Classes

Weekly classes so you can follow along with me and keep you motivated to do your gentle posture exercises.

Move At Your Speed

Start with your recommended program from your posture analysis or pick your own, follow along videos you can watch anytime anywhere.


Access to the exclusive private community for Q&A, connect with other posture students and participate in posture challenges to win prizes.

Posture Membership Comments

Available 24/7, wherever you want, whenever you want!

Available on the Apple app store, Android app store, and desktop.

Feel the difference within the first 30 Days


of members noticed a big improvement in their posture and appearance


of members noticed a decrease in pain

Feel the difference within the first 30 Days

Posture Membership Benefits


  • Posture

  • Quality of life

  • Balance

  • Breathing

  • Movement

  • Appearance


  • Aches and pain
  • Likelihood of surgery
  • Injuries

  • Muscle tightness

  • Headaches

Who is it good for

  • Kids to the elderly
  • Currently in pain
  • Bad posture
  • Pre/Post surgery