Head, Neck, and Shoulders Corrective Posture Exercises Description

Easy to follow: Each exercise includes a how-to video and step-by-step instructions

Go at Your Own Pace and Time: Access your exercises from anywhere on postureguymike.com

Exercises Anyone Can Do: Daily easy to do exercises to help you, no matter what condition you are in.

The Head, Neck, and SHoulders program will help with:

  • Forward Head
  • TMJ
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Hunchback (kyphosis)
  • Uneven Shoulders
  • Elbow and wrist pain

This step-by-step ​course has been developed by a certified postural therapist to provide people with gentle corrective exercises and stretches. These exercises and stretches will restore proper biomechanics, functional mobility, and reduce pain!

This program will provide you with the necessary tools and ultimate knowledge to manage your own body for the rest of your life.

Once you sign up look out for your confirmation email with the link to create your account.  You can also find the link HERE.

This is the first step in taking control of your physical well-being and living a life with no limitations!