What Is A Posture Strap

The Posture Strap is a remarkably simple yet highly effective tool that provides resistance for strengthening, lengthening, flexing, and aligning the body’s joints and muscular framework.

Additionally, the Posture Strap increases mobility and functional strength for injury prevention or rehabilitation and can be utilized to bring symmetry and balance back to the body.

  • Over 90% of injuries can be prevented by doing the proper exercises
  • After 50 years of age your mobility can decrease by 12-15% every 10 years

Using the Posture Strap for targeted leg exercises and upper body resistance stabilizes the torso, aligns the pelvis, and increases strength in your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders.

This simple yet effective tool is instrumental in increasing flexibility and broadening range of motion. 
The Posture Strap is lightweight, easy to use, and convenient for use at home, work, and traveling. It's 6 feet long, 1.5 inches wide, and adjusts to accommodate any height or body weight.

Watch the exercise videos below

When integrating this compact and efficient tool with targeted exercises, you can maximize flexibility and strength, stabilize your trunk and pelvis and align your spine and joints. The Posture Strap is one of the most effective and productive tools for actualizing targeted goals and preventing injury.

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