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Essentials Posture Kit

Essentials Posture Kit

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The Posture Block is used in several different exercises in order to achieve proper alignment, improve functional mobility and improve balance. The posture block is used to turn on the adductors to stabilize your hips and pelvis. In addition the block is essential to properly position your loading joints the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles restoring you back to your anatomical design, mitigating any pain.


The Posture roll will gently restore your spine back to it's health natural "S" shaped design correcting postural deviations. Our anatomical design should consist of having a curve in our cervical spine "Neck"and a curve in our lumbar spine "lower back".  These rolls will improve overall balance and function in your body.


Excellent tool that uses gravity and a wall to balance and align the body from head to heel, and symmetrically, from side to side.

Simply standing in the correct position with your head, shoulders, hips, and feet touching a wall, while on the Posture Board, for 5-10 minutes daily, will have a domino effect in creating positive anatomical alignment relieving much of the pain associated with poor posture.  

The ultimate postural alignment will balance the body vertically and horizontally with weight evenly distributed on weight-bearing joints.

When using the posture board, your ankles, hips, and upper back should be in contact with the wall. Your head should be looking straight in a relaxed neutral position. If the back of your head is not in contact with the wall, this can be a strong indicator of a postural deviation such as kyphosis, forward head posture, thoracic flexion, etc. In most cases, the head will naturally realign and gradually come in contact with the wall.

Before beginning: Make sure your Posture Board is stable and you have something next to you to hold onto while getting on and off your board. 

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