Posture Strap Description

  • Adjustable strap 1.5" inches wide and 6 feet long that will keep your hips, knee and ankles in alignment 
  • Great for resistance exercises to turn on abductor muscles stabling the hips and pelvis. 
  • Made out of durable polyester featuring a adjustable buckle.
  • Improve overall balance and increase flexibility 
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IMPROVED BALANCE- Turn on lateral hip muscles (abductor's) to stabilize the Hips and Pelvis bring your body back to it's anatomical design, while Keeping your knees hip distant apart with the Posture strap! 
This essential tool is 6 feet long, made out of durable polyester material. The strap is 1.5 inches wide featuring a fully adjustable buckle.  The Posture strap can be used alongside the Posture Rolls keeping your knees from falling outward, allowing the curves in your spine (cervical and lumbar) to be restored back to a healthy "S" shape design helping sciatica, and other issues.
In addition the Posture strap can be used for advanced exercises for builds strength in the legs, glutes, knees, ankles, and core!