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Fix Your Posture, Not Your Lifestyle

Trying to get rid of neck and shoulder pain?

You don’t have to….

Decrease the number of hours in front of your desk

Spend extra time lifting weights to build extra muscle

Pop prescription pain-relieving pills or drugs

Constantly ask your partner to massage your shoulders

Everything you need for posture correction, all in one place

In this digital world, it’s only a matter of time before your screens start owning your body. It begins with slouched shoulders, and hunched neck and ends with frantically searching on google for DIY solutions for pain relief every other week.

Step 1: 
Order The Program

After you order you will receive a email with your login info and links to the Posture Guy Mike app.

Step 2: 
Start Your Exercises

Start your 6 daily exercises, there are written instructions and demo video for each exercise.  All 6 exercises will take 10 minutes to complete.


The kit comes with everything you need to properly do the exercises.

I had been an athlete my entire life. By 14 years old, I was skateboarding competitively: surfing, playing baseball, boxing, running track and field, and even break dancing. I aspired to become a professional athlete and live a life of physical well-being.

I suffered many injuries, including broken bones, a torn ACL, dislocated shoulder, torn rotator cuff, a hip fracture, an osteoplasty, herniated disc, and torn hip and shoulder labrum. I had multiple reconstructive surgeries, all of which led to dysfunctional movement patterns.

Doctors weren’t any help as they continued to recommend joint replacement surgeries, more pain medication, and physical therapy.

After a year of not being able to sit due to excruciating sciatic pain in my lower back and down my leg, I had a life-saving revelation. I was not born with pain, my childhood was relatively pain-free (except when I crashed into things), therefore, I could realign my joints and strengthen my muscles through exercises, yoga, stretches, etc.

About Mike

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