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Hi, I'm Jon Clark

Lead Coach at Posture Guy Mike

“Conquering chronic pain is simple when you’ve got me in your corner!”
- Jon ‘The Posture Monster’ Clark, Lead Posture COACH

December 30th, 2002. That was the day I broke my L5 vertebra in half in a skiing accident at the age of 17.

That accident directly led to me suffering through 18 years of gradually increasing levels of extremely severe chronic pain, full body muscle spasms, and all kinds of awful stuff which countless doctors, physical therapists, surgeons, and alternative providers failed to even explain, much less treat. 

I had been confined to a wheelchair for a few years, and was quite frankly considering committing suicide, when my dad bought me a book on Posture Therapy, it changed my life.

Two and half years later, I had earned my Postural Alignment Specialist Certification and I was hiking in the mountains, playing in disc golf tournaments, and enjoying a pain free lifestyle!

Hi, I'm Mike Bosh

I had been an athlete my entire life. By 14 years old, I was skateboarding competitively: surfing, playing baseball, boxing, running track and field, and even break dancing. I aspired to become a professional athlete and live a life of physical well-being.

I suffered many injuries, including broken bones, a torn ACL, dislocated shoulder, torn rotator cuff, a hip fracture, an osteoplasty, herniated disc, and torn hip and shoulder labrum. I had multiple reconstructive surgeries, all of which led to dysfunctional movement patterns.

Doctors weren’t any help as they continued to recommend joint replacement surgeries, more pain medication, and physical therapy.

After a year of not being able to sit due to excruciating sciatic pain in my lower back and down my leg, I had a life-saving revelation. I was not born with pain, my childhood was relatively pain-free (except when I crashed into things), therefore, I could realign my joints and strengthen my muscles through exercises, yoga, stretches, etc.