Confidential  Posture Coaching

We assist individuals seeking to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence, whether you're a corporate executive, a celebrity, an athlete, or anyone in between.

Why Posture Coaching: Each person's body responds uniquely to posture exercises. Customizing each exercise to meet your personal needs and adjusting based on your feedback and progress is crucial.

Personalized Approach: Your path is distinct, just as my posture coaching is tailored to your specific needs. I customize every program to accommodate your individual requirements because I recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't suit everyone.

Regular Check-Ins: Whether we're meeting face-to-face or virtually, we'll monitor your progress through regular check-ins and assessments, actively tracking your journey to ensure you're consistently progressing towards your goals.

Program Updates: By maintaining constant communication and regular check-ins, we'll adapt your program to accommodate your evolving changes and needs.

Pricing: I exclusively work with individuals who are dedicated to improving their posture and enhancing their quality of life. This is reflected in the requirement for a one-year commitment. My 1-on-1 coaching is a minimum of $3,000 for the year.  Final price will be based on your personal needs and requirements.

The Process: Please click the link provided to book a call with me and secure your refundable deposit. During our conversation, we'll delve into your posture, objectives, and unique needs. Following this, I'll formulate a personalized one-year plan aimed at helping you achieve your goals and enhancing both your appearance and well-being.