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Take a look at the shoes you’re wearing. Is the top of your shoe, sneaker, or boot, the widest part? Or is it narrow where your toes are and then gets wider as you get to the ball of your foot? 

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  • Did you know that your toes should be the widest part of your foot?
  • There are 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligamnets

Most people think that the ball of their foot should be the widest part, and most shoe manufacturers reinforce that belief by constructing shoes that do not allow for the anatomically correct splaying/spreading of the toes.

The next time you’re shopping for shoes, make sure you purchase them with a wide consideration for your toes!

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Ensuring that you have a wide toe box with ample room for your toes will provide you with the ability to maintain your fundamental and essential anatomical foot design.

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box is essential for optimizing the foundation upon which every muscle, joint, and nerve rests – your feet! Ensuring that your toes have ample room to spread apart or “splay” will provide a stable and balanced end partner for the heel, needed to provide the best positioning for your arch. This anatomically correct stabilization secures the foundation for your body’s weight-bearing activities: standing, walking, and running. 

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